These training is thought with the intention of introducing you to not just the technical details, the philosophy, names and specifics of postures and all the required subjects of study,  but to create a pathway into your own truth so that you can become the best version of yourself as you develop your practice and take forth this knowledge to expand your own potential as a human being and inspire others to recognize and express their own truth.

This teacher training is designed to
Deepen your understanding of  what it means to practice yoga
Develop the skill you will need to effectively teach yoga
Deepen your personal practice
Structure of study from which to build classes
Connect to your breath and your truth
Philosophy, asana practice, meditation, breathing, and theory
Practice teaching in a controlled and nurturing environment
Create a community in which to feel relaxed and open
A brief history of yoga
Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
Karma pala Yoga
Ayurveda & Samkhya philosophy
The 8 limbs of yoga
The different paths of yoga
Introduction to Vedanta
Sutras study
Life, roll and ethics of a yoga teacher
Chakras, Mudras, Kriyas & Mantras
Pranayama and the science of breath

8-9    Philosophy (10min break)12-1 Yoga class
9- 12  Asanas
12- 1   Class
1-2.    Lunch
2-5.    Methodology and practicum
The schedule allows you  to explore what Cali has to offer.

Saturday, sundays and holidays
8am to 5pm schedule with an hour for lunch and two 10 min breaks.
Intimate and relaxed setting in two languages if necessary (spanish/ english)
A detailed manual to support your study during and after the training.

You will get a 200hr certificate which will allow you to register with  Yoga Alliance if you choose.

US$1.200 until 30 days before the starting date.

US$1.400 within 30 days to the starting date.

$3.600.000 pesos hasta 30 dias antes de la fecha de inicio.

$4.200.000 entre los 30 diás del inicio.

There is no scheduled course, tell us when you would like to start and we will organize a course that fits your schedule.

Asanas and Sequencing
Props, modifications and corrections
The Vinyasa transition
Teaching senior, kids or special needs
Meditation and relaxation
Of course, Anatomy
Bandhas and koshas
How to teach on or off the mat
Communication skills
Business and marketing

Please contact by phone, whatsapp or email if you are interested.